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About Us

In 2005, Marie Kukula-Tyner and her husband Michael moved from Southern California to a 10-acre ranch in the mountains of northeastern Washington in an effort to simplify their lives, live more creatively, and reconnect with nature. Leaving behind careers in the publishing and entertainment industries, the Tyners set out to create a new life that was meaningful and fulfilling. This led them to write THE SPIRIT FACTOR. The Tyners share an entrepreneurial spirit and have started several successful businesses together. Most recently, they founded Tyner Creative Publishing & Entertainment.

Marie is a writer, poet, lyricist, artist, speaker, and activist. Her creative accomplishments include a successful line of inspirational greeting cards and gift products and, recently, having several of her poems recorded as songs. THE SPIRIT FACTOR is Marie’s first book.

Michael is a healer, inventor, speaker, and activist. He has studied and practiced different alternative healing modalities for the past 25 years. He is an expert at understanding the energies of the body and how to use them to heal emotional and physical imbalances. In addition to his healing work, Michael spent three decades working in various areas of the entertainment industry. His credits include producing, directing, and acting.

Marie, Michael, and Amber
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