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About the Book

THE SPIRIT FACTOR redefines spirit in a simple yet (r)evolutionary way that is realistic, accessible, all-inclusive, and relevant to the world we live in today. Marie Kukula-Tyner and her husband Michael spent over  eight years challenging their beliefs about life, death, God, and spirit to create a reality-based approach to living a meaningful, spiritual life that is free from all gatekeepers, dogma, and man-made agendas. Unlike the many religious and self-help philosophies that involve hoping, praying, and waiting, THE SPIRIT FACTOR puts the power to transform your life in your hands by:


  • identifying the eleven most common obstructions to spirit and explaining how they limit your perception, preventing you from seeing “reality” and reaching your full potential;


  • guiding you through the process of removing these obstructions and integrating spirit into your life'


  • describing the potential and possibility to create exponential change both in your life and in the world by living a life of “Unobstructed Spirit (US)”.


The Tyners call THE SPIRIT FACTOR their love letter to mankind and a howl out to their pack. Will you answer their call?

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